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tim Manger - Commitment Celebrant

Hot Air Ballooning Ceremony

A Look at Hot Air Ballooning Commitment Ceremonies

What could be more spectacular than a gentle breeze, carrying both you and your guests along, as the sun rises? If money is no object, this is certainly a highly memorable way to announce you commitment to one another.

There are some issues for you to consider, if ballooning is the option you are planning. Firstly, you will need to book well in advance, whilst the date for your ceremony could vary depending on the weather. It is very common for ballooning trips to be postponed due to the weather, sometimes several times or more.

Your guests will need to be fully aquatinted with the early-rise times, and your celebrant may need to be tentatively booked. There are a range of other considerations regarding the music, the readings, and any rituals that you may want to perform.

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Tim P Manger (Celebrant)

Tim Manger - Commitment Celebrant
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