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Tim Manger - Commitment Celebrant


Do you have question that you would like to ask Tim? Below is a selection of the most commonly asked questions with answers provided.
Questions & Answers

Q1. How much notice do I need to give you prior to booking?

You need to let me know as soon as practicable, to ensure I am available to perform your ceremony.

Q2. Can same sex couples legally marry in Australia

No, however commitment ceremonies offer the perfect solution

Q3. Can I do a reading?

Yes, and family or friends may perform a reading

Q4. What types of readings can I use?

Basically, anything written in text that defines you as a couple. You may choose from poetry, prose, song lyrics, a passage from a novel, a religious reading and so on

Q5. Can I choose the music for the ceremony?

Yes, you may select from a range of classical and contemporary music, through to modern and popular songs

Q6. Do you meet with people who want to book your services, prior to the Commitment?

Yes, I meet with every client to discuss any ceremonial requirements.

Q7. Can you help us to write commitment vows


Q8. Can we include a ritual in the ceremony?

Yes, depending on the ritual you would like to perform, you may need to get prior permission from the venue or council (depending on the location)

Q9. Do you provde your own sound system and PA?

Yes, I have an all-in-one CD player, Mixer, 2 x Speakers, Amplifier and Remote UHF Microphone

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Tim P Manger (Celebrant)

Tim Manger - Commitment Celebrant
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