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Commitment Ceremony Celebrant

Tim Manger - Commitment Ceremony Celebrant

Are you looking for a celebrant who can deliver a professional Commitment Ceremony?

Then the most important things you need to consider are :

  • How you would like to commit to your partner
  • The type of ceremony you wish to create
  • The music that will accompany your exchange of vows
  • And any readings that will be shared
  • Tim can help you to do all of this and more...

    What is a Commitment CeremonyWhat is a Commitment Ceremony?

    A commitment ceremony is the joining of two people in a non-legal marriage. Since the Marriage Act 1961 does not recognise same sex marriages, commitment ceremonies provide a mechanism by which gay and lesbian and transgender couples can simulate a marriage ceremony, whilst offering the same commitments as defined under Australian Marriage Law.

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    Commitment Ceremony RitualsCommitment Ceremony Rituals

    Rituals are used as metaphors or symbols to represent unity, commitment,eternal love and new beginnings. Much like statutory marriages, the types of rituals that can be incorporated into your ceremony include:

    Commitment Ceremony LocationsCommitment Ceremony Locations

    As you declare your commitment to each other, you can decide on a range of fitting sites, venues, locations or destinations. The most important condieration is to select a location that is important to you, and that defines the commitment you are both about to make.

    The most popular types of commitment ceremony locations are:

    You may also choose to commit to each other during an Extreme event, such as:

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    Tim P Manger (Celebrant)

    Tim Manger - Commitment Celebrant
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